Russian Trump

Has anyone seen any proof yet of any Russian collusion with the “Donald?” I certainly haven’t. I think this just might be the proverbial “Red Herring.” Wouldn’t you? I think it’s been long enough that a major hit on this would have been delivered against Trump if there were anything here.

Flynn is a different matter and shouldn’t be put in the same box with Trump. That would like my wife telling me about someone, heretofore not spoken of, that she dated in high school. At some point, a reasonable person has to say enough already. Personally, I didn’t believe it from the beginning. I know the press and the Dems well enough to understand how they work and destruction politics is their bailiwick. You notice that Republicans rarely get destructive and, instead, are the targets for the Dems. It’s been this wy since the 70’s but steadily gets worse. If yu want to know the truth I really think that Trump’s election had a lot to do with people becoming sick of the attitudes of persons such as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. these two are wealthy hypocrites if ever there were two.

It’s cool though. It’s Ok. We’ll see the truth come out before long. This President will stand apart in the end. He’s more honest than you know.

Originally posted 2017-04-26 00:03:39.

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