Scriptural Synopsis of Bible Meaning

Ok, let’s hope that I can make this palatable for those of you who groan when I bring up the Bible. I’ve been thinking of this for a few days and rather than do this like the preacher I’m not I thought I would do this starting with a near death experience. “The “Proverbial” light at the End of the Tunnel” theory.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

You’ve heard people say that, upon almost dying, they saw a light at the end of a tunnel. Ok, I almost died and all I saw was cheap tenement flats in Oakland, Ca. or blackness. (I bet some of you think that is all I should =have seen?) Some, however, claim to have seen that tunnel and that light. I will not argue or attempt to dispute that claim as I see the light and the tunnel as completely Scriptural and not as near death.

For our purposes let’s suppose that any dark tunnel or light at its end, looked at symbolically, equates the tunnel to death and the light equates to life. A tunnel signifies a distance of darkness with the light tells us that there is something wonderful beyond the darkness. “Distance of darkness” equates to time. Therefore, those who see a light at the end of the tunnel are seeing a symbol of the fact that there is life after death. It is a reassurance of a truth long kn0wn by us who believe and have studied the Bible. I look at it this way, we are the only living things on this earth who know of death and are aware of, or consider the possibility of, God. One surely can argue that a deer knows of God but that one cannot prove it. I think of it as an animal has enough to do to stay alive without worrying about the mysteries of the Universe. That is mankind’s bailiwick.

The fact that men or women can get their minds around a supreme being is not within the purview of the animal kingdom. It is nice to think that it is but God plainly says NO to that. That’s good enough for me. After all, I am a thick skulled bigoted white man who knows little and is capable of learning less.

That is the gist of the Bible. We die but it is not the end. Internally, in our minds, we know this to be true. The reason we fear death is because we are aware of it. The Bible was put here to teach us that death is not the end if we believe. How stupid of us! How naive! What a bunch of dullards and myth propagators! Actually, no, we are not. We have been given the ability to perceive that death is not the end and it is up to us to choose to understand it or not. the Bible tells us all about it in great detail and accuracy. Of course, if you can’t bring yourself to read it you are not going to have that promise fulfilled for you. With the caveat that the Bible also says that those of loving hearts will get the chance to prove themselves even after they die. God is a loving and forgiving supreme being. Unlike most of us.

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