Although the Bible isn’t the oldest book known to man, if one considers the oral tradition it soon becomes nearly, if not the, oldest book known to us. What the Bible says meets with considerable speculation and downright consternation in our times. To read the Bible with any regularity tells a different tale than the one told by skeptics or heretics.

In essence, the Bible speaks of mankind and how to live a pure life. Sounds rather silly, given today’s attitudes. I know I go on and on about Biblical situations in our times and I probably lose some followers of my blog for doing so. That’s fine though. As much as I would like people to read the Bible it is known to me that some will never do so. I know that because the Bible says that some will not follow and that is a supreme loss for them. For those who are interested in Scripture it pays to start at the front: Genesis. Once that book is either read or perused one should go to the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You don’t necessarily have to read all of them at one sitting. It pays to read what catches your eye at first. Once started you may be surprised at how relevant these teachings are today. how simply explained the attitudes of mankind is exhibited in those Scriptures. You may also find out where so many of our “old sayings” come from.

I am not a preacher nor do I follow, any longer, an organized faith or religion. I find that the Bible tells me what I need to do to stay in a place that keeps me grounded and, I think most probably, is the reason that I lived when I should have been dead from drink. I cannot give you a SciFi or Twilight Zone story of a light at the end of the tunnel or floating at the ceiling looking down at myself.  When I went down it was black. No sensation or input from, or of, anything. I was that way for two weeks as I slowly overcame systemic toxicity, pneumonia, swollen brain and a failing pancreas. My liver was fine though! (Bonus!!!)

Three months of hospitalization and three years of mental recovery and I am fine. Of course, that “being fine” is debatable in some quarters and by some of you II would suppose but that is what I get. it was during this time, when I was recovering completely alone, that I had the push to open the Bible again. I don’t know that the “push” was Heaven sent but it didn’t need to be. I have read the Scripture since adolescence and have always found it comforting. That comfort is what I am trying to persuade you to find. I understand now why people who have had near tragedy from one thing or another find God. it takes that tragedy to show us a different lane to walk in. Walking that lane will make each day hopeful and, to a more or lesser degree, more sunny. it allows you to open your mind to God. Prayer to Him is the best tonic you can have. He forgives and He nourishes the soul (life) of a person.

The sad thing today is that so many reject God and His Word (Jesus) out of hand. An old book that sits gathering dust or does not exist in a person’s life which can forever change that person’s life. Yet, it goes unnoticed. Instead it is the baubles of this world that they follow. The so called “material” pursuits and pleasures when what they need is God and His love and grace. I do urge you to buy or get your hands on a Bible. Any Bible. His Word is not changed but for dialect or clarity in thousands of years. It remains true and is as vital to a human being as is water.

I hope that this helps at least one of you.

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