So, The Earth?

As I move down the road with this blog I decided to put an occasional thought about man’s place on this planet. This includes supposed global warming.

Is “global warming” real? Wow, of course! What did you think? In fact, global warming has been going on since the last ice age. The fact that we understand that but it is rarely mentioned in context with the furor over it in leftist society is what is alarming.

Ever heard of the Laurentide Ice Sheet? 10,000 years ago it covered most of North America. Where did it go? It was a victim of global warming. Now, for some I could leave it there because the natural progression is obvious. I won’t though. It needs to be told that the global warming which melted that ice sheet is still going on. It is circumstance that places man in the same time frame as that warming. The truth? No one has any scientific evidence of just how far or how rapid that warming will be. It could as easily turn around and start cooling an hour from now but no one can predict that.

What is predictable is the politics of half-truths and deceit which certain political goals depend on. If you stop and look at a globe of the earth and project on that globe the reach of smoke from factories or “acid rain” or any of the other phenomenon that occurs in the atmosphere you will see that the earth filters that stuff out. It also recycles it and changes it to an innocuous structure.

How many billions of years does science say the planet has been here? All kinds of numbers are thrown out but no one is really sure. We do know that the better time the earth has been here was mostly spent hatching and causing the demise of lava fumes, magma and acid vapor. Billions of tons of this permeated the atmosphere and there was little if any water. What happened to all of that poison? the Earth changed it over time to what we have today. It’s all in any general geology book. It’s just not passed on as it is an inconvenient truth. Al Gore is an inconvenient human being who is not truthful or, is so gullible that he did no research or, failed to pass this on to the public.

Mankind cannot equal the poisons that the Earth can spew at any moment. Think Hawaii. That eruption goes on and on for centuries. There are many of these around the world. Much worse than any coal fired factory or power plant. So much worse that it is used in the statistics to bulk up the politics of global warming. They know that. Now you do.

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