Taxes, Alcohol, and Chocolates

So, this person gets an idea that he or she should run for public office. They don’t like what they are seeing and hearing about what some level of government is doing for or against the public trust. Let;s just say that this person is some guy like me or you. he develops a platform and strikes a chord with speech after speech. You and I like what he has to say and what he says he wants to do for us and we vote for him. A large part of the reason we vote for him is he does not act like an oddball. he is a sober and honest person and we see that in him as he campaigns. He gets elected. Great! We got the guy we wanted so now we shall see what he’s gonna do for us.

Let’s say he has successfully run for congress as a representative. Cool. he’s our man and we are happy now. Perhaps we will see him start changing some of the problems for the better that we know exist in our state. He gets to Congress, takes his office and we wait and see.

On the other side of town is this guy who wants to go to a party. He is taking a date with him and the party is at a friend of hers whom he is not familiar with. He is enamoured of this young woman wants to be more than just a friend. Perhaps he has thoughts of a lifelong commitment with her. So, they go to this party and are having a good time. This guy is a sober individual and is unfamiliar with the group he is meeting at the party but he is with this wonderful girl so he has no reason to be on his guard. As the evening wears on someone introduces a sticky substance that, when heated in a spoon, is injectable and makes you feel oh, so good. It is offered to this young man and his girlfriend says it’s cool so he tries it. It is not long before he needs more and more and that is when the problems start, not just for him, but for all with whom he is loved by.

Back in D.C. our new Representative has taken his seat in Congress. One of his promises is to lower taxes. What he discovers is that Congress already has its mind made up that taxes should stay exactly the same or be slightly increased. It doesn’t matter what this guy’s promises were to us he is going to have to watch our taxes go up. More than this though, he is talked out of his knightly philosophy by the old stooges in Congress who have spent decades in office learning the ropes of getting rich while doing the minimum for us. Before long this guy is hooked on the drug of wealth and high status and, though he has developed a glib tongue, is now worthless to us. Promise not kept and we still vote for him.

Across town, the young man is in rehab. for the third time. The young lady is long gone and the parents have tried all they know to get the young son straightened out. He either walks on his own or dies a druggy.

The young man and the Representative have similar misfortunes. Both meant well and both succumbed to bad influences as they were caught unaware of the menace that is drugs, money and power. Much like a person who has a box of chocolates and eats one at a time while another buys the same box and it is gone in two days or, something I know about, a person has one cocktail per evening (if that) and walks away while another takes one drink and is off to the races.

The thing about each of these scenarios is that the addiction is the same no matter the substance. Congress and D.C. is an addictive place. It shouldn’t be but it is because people get pat in their office and say there for decades. On the other hand, those who elected them have gotten use to this pervert and his or her ways and keep reelecting them. Term limits are a necessity. Two 4 year terms is enough for anybody to stay in such a slush fund as is our Senate and two 2 year terms for our Congressmen. Change is good for us in the same way a vacation is. Get to see new things and be revitalized. The way things stand now we are standing in the proverbial swamp and the politicians are in that shining city slightly above the water line. The water is up to our lower lips and the Congress is making waves. We are swallowing their bilge with each step they take. Time to clean house.

Originally posted 2017-09-14 16:44:21.

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