The Simple Truth …

… about the House and Senate.

Let’s throw the two parties into the same toilet…Shall we? Let’s get over Republican this and Democrat that. Let’s also forget about who is, or is not, conservative or liberal. Let’s just look at the actions of all of them.

How does this Washington D.C. clan look to you as it now stands? Does it appear to you that anyone there is looking out for you? Do you see concern and understanding in anything said on any news station for your existence? Not just your plight but your very existence. Does anyone in D.C. know that you even exist? Does anyone in D.C. care about the burden of tax that you are forced to pay or how much you might be able to use to get ahead were it not for taxing you to death? If not “to death” then how about a much needed late model new car? How about the dentist bill? Is that bill forcing you to budget money that you need for, oh, I don’t know, food? Clothing for the kids? Car repair that is needed before the engine blows?

It has gotten to the point that the House and Senate is a group of “silver spoon up their ass” men and women. I don’t care which party.

On the left, you have those who want a socialist agenda. Big government making things rosie for all who don’t want to work. On the right, you have those who want an easy buck to be kept (not made: kept) by the wealthy. The truth is that both sides in D.C. are getting richer the longer they stay in office. We, my friends, are the subjects. The serfs. The “lip servians” of the modern era. This road leads nowhere for any of us.

The simple solution is to vote each and every one of them out of office ASAP. That’s not going to happen. We each have our favorites who we are going to defend as doing the right thing, right? It is so right. That is why we keep foolishly voting the fools into office over and over and over and over. Term limits? Sure! How about one year?

It is time for an “Objective Party.” A new group who looks at all of our national problems with an objective eye. Perhaps the House and Senate should be loaded up with engineers and architects? People who understand that a structure is only as strong as its weakest member. Take an arched bridge for instance

Take an arched bridge for instance. If the stanchions are weak the bridge falls. If the degree of arc on the steel trusses is too shallow the bridge falls. This is formulated with algebra and calculus to come up with the correct load limits. The same objectivity should be used for our government. Is it? Nah. Just a bunch of thieves with great smiles and glib tongues robbing our children of their future. It’s time for a change. Trump is a good start. Like him or not he is exposing D.C. for what it is if you’re paying non-prejudicial attention. If the Senators and Representatives are against Trump then he must be doing something that is rubbing them the wrong way. And, if he is rubbing them the wrong way then he is exposing them for what they are just as he said he would do. look more closely at what he is doing and how he is doing it. It is almost funny to see the hives breaking out on our Congressmen and women. Itch. Itch. Scratch. A little lower! Ahhhhh.

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