Thelma & Louise

Thinking about the Democrats: my party. Can’t help, in the same thought process, of thinking of my party. The ending is the same. I’m sitting here working on a new website.domain ( while listening to Paul Simon. “This is the story of how we begin to remember…” is a great line. “You can call me Al” is a great song. Al Gore, Hillary Clinton…..are you kidding me? Think of these two in the same breath as John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Ok, now drive your T=Bird over the cliff!

What are you people thinking? You lost to Trump! What are you people thinking? Bernie Sanders? What are you people thinking? Socialism. Move to Venezuela! How’s that working out? What are you people thinking? John Fitzgerald Kennedy died from a socialist’s bullets! What are you people thinking?

You ARE NOT THINKING!!!!!!!!!!! You are reacting to the press and the propaganda. You ARE NOT thinking for yourselves. You are in political Limbo, one step above Hell. I quit! I am no longer a Dem. I flat give up as I do not want a do nothing and get paid for it nation. I want people to have pride in themselves and their production for others. This whole party is a wreck of civilization and deserves every dent and hospitalization for mental injuries. Safe spaces? That is what America used to be for most of us. This is what I fought for. I can’t help what the south did but I didn’t do it. Neither did most of you. It was …who? that did that? Right! Southern Democrats. Look it up. While you’re at it send Samuel L. Jackson a memo to grow up.

Democrat Thelma & Louise, Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice. Pornography, dead babies and food stamps. This is your legacy.

Originally posted 2017-04-19 23:47:13.

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