Thinkin’ ’bout you

Seems like I’m always searchin’, searchin’ for some piece of me,

Seems it never occurred to me, you took that piece with you.

A song I am writing. I promised myself that I would not ever put my life in a blog when I started writing again. I have mentioned here that it has been a lot of years since I wrote more than notes for a tado list.

I used to love writing and I have probably written enough words to create a tome. When you get in the “old stoopid groove” like I did for a lot of years most of your creative juices go up in flames. When you finally kick that groove you can only hope that you are awarded the time to get some part of that creative edge back for just a little while.

I hope that you who visit here make the time to stop and reflect on who you are and what you have. In this world there are so many lost people. Those who will never know their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers and most of their kin. I see African children sitting in the dirt, lost and forlorn with mouths agape in tears and fear. I see these children on a TV that they will probably never even know exists. How would they? They probably won’t live long enough to see most of what is available for them to see. So it goes with such a great number of humans. It is Satan’s biggest charade, what we see in our times. The showman of the universe. The clown supreme. The devil.

It is not God who made this happen. It is God who will end this very soon. it is not too late for those of you to want to get to know Him. Think about it.

Originally posted 2017-08-05 05:14:51.

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