Thought Concentrate

As I have given up on Facebook, I am going to be placing my quips, thoughts and random guesses about life on this page. I will say first though, that many of my thoughts are going to be unfettered and un-PC’d. My first thought is about abortion. As a Christian I fully understand why people hate us. It is because we know that most of this world is wrong out of the starting gates. Abortion is but one example. So, here goes.

Why abort a helpless fetus? Why not have the child and if you don’t like them just kill them later? It’s the same thing although it is the real inconvenient truth of abortion. Life is sacred and that is that.

Haven’t the liberals already proved that their thought process is automatically nullified when they think they have to start teaching their bias to children to make it stick? Isn’t this exactly what the Soviet Union did in their schools? It is and it is.

If one segment of society passes laws to make their opinion (not facts) the law of the land isn’t that an insecure and, possibly, dictatorial segment? Look to China, Venezuela and Russia to find the answer.

What have liberal stances in politics gotten us? Legal pornography (Larry Flint-Hustler), abortion (Roe v Wade), Legalized Pot and Illegal Aliens. What a track record, right? No better way to keep our country great than lowering our moral standards to the lowest common denominator.

All of the marches, all of the angst. all about human nature. Human nature is what makes us do what we do. Were human nature able to be changed, we would either be at perpetual war or perpetual peace. We are human so we are what we are. Marches, protests and lies will not change anything. Only at the individual level can we be our ideal.

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