For many years I heated our home with firewood which I cut from snags and falls on state property, with a permit to do so. Although it might seem foolish to some, I would have to climb some of the larger snags to cut branches off before falling them. The reason being so that I didn’t fall a snag and have it damage another tree within the fall zone. A snag is a tree whose top has been broken by lightning or wind. Eventually, these trees fall victim to termites or rot and quickly become unpredictable and dangerous.

So, having explained this I am going to go, again, out on a limb to speak of transgender as it applies to the military. To do so I need to start with my thoughts about the transgender debate. I am one who keeps things simple. If a person decides that they want to change sex I can do nothing more than wonder why. I am not acquainted, knowingly, with any transgender person. That last gives you a hint of my awareness of the fact that many who are are not recognizable on the street. It does matter to me in a religious sense but my understanding of Scripture says that the person who has made that choice it is between God and that person. How is that for simple. My feelings don’t matter one iota until it comes to the military.

The military is a non-political entity. Politics, of which transgender has become more of a cause ‘celeb’ than it should, needs to stay out of the military. When Trump made the decision that it should not be allowed in the military I could hear the protestations of those who are politically liberal throughout the world. We will now hear nothing but how cruel Trump is and how bigoted. The fact is, he isn’t. He just understands what not having that confusion in a combat unit means. He knows that because he has military input. When Obama made this happen it was wrong. Trump had to straighten this out as soon as possible.

I have a military background and it is tough to be a soldier or sailor in combat. The sexual aspect of transgender is a distraction at best and a danger to ships, military units and life as it is in a military setting. The very nature of the choice is not well tolerated and that is a simple truth. There is no place for it in the military and I know that I will get roundly chastised by some from the military who have become liberal or just liberals in general.

The chaos which is being levied in our society by political correctness is dangerous. It is the disregard of biology and Scripture and we all see where this is leading us. Down a rathole for starters. I have listened to all the liberal garbage I can stand and I think it is time I declare it.

Originally posted 2017-07-26 22:00:16.

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