Wake Up & Smell the Smirnoff!

Antifa. I call this loose affiliation of Soviet ex-patriots Aunty Fay. Does it seem like what I have been saying for the last two and one-half years might actually be the truth? That during the 60’s the Soviets sent to us, through eastern Europe, dissidents to infiltrate our college;s and Universities to foment a “United State of Socialist’s Republic?”

I told you it was true two years ago and the evidence is mounting, isn’t it? Yeah, folks, we are under siege by communism in “Progressive” clothing and you heard it here fourth. (Not first as I do know that other people had stated the same thing but were poo-pooed out of the room for being honest.)

It is time to reelect trump because what the left is accusing him of being is exactly what they are. Colluding with Russia? Trump. Try Bill and Hillary who made a small fortune by selling our uranium to Russia and pocketing “pay to play” money in their foundation. The problem is that the government, as exemplified by Comey. is complicit with the left. Trump calls it the”Deep State” and is correct. The D.S. is part and parcel of a decades-long attempt to quietly overthrow our Republic. What they are doing, though, is assuring Trump’s reelection.At least, that is what I hope and am fairly sure I see happening.

We are going to need a good eight years before Trump and the DOJ can ferret out all this black oped carrion.

You will see that I am correct. If Hollywood hates Trump I am all for him without reservation.

Originally posted 2017-09-19 01:35:43.

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