Well, Where Do We Stand?

Ok, we have Trump climbing the last few feet up the hill to President. We have what I consider to be a weak President leaving office. We have republicans in congress trying to pull chicanery on the first new day of the new congress. Chicanery on ethics and being held to account. We have Pelosi (remember that she was the one who said, about Obama care, that “we have to pass it so we can find out what’s in it.”) and Schumer saying dumb things about a Tweeting president elect.

On the one hand, it isn’t 1984. This stuff is too stupid to be in a novel. On the other hand, we have dunces on both sides running our country. I can’t be any more apolitical than that.

Trump, on the third hand (pardon the expression) is one of a kind. What kind that is, is not as easy to categorize as the media would have one think. He is a wild card if ever there was one. His calling a halt to the aforementioned dumbass republicans move to cut off the ethics committee is worth a chalk mark in the win column of my chalkboard. Am I giving him a break? No! He has done some pretty amazing things as a President elect, though. He has moxie. That is more than I can say for the obstructionists in congress on the side of your choice. Beyond that, any reasonable person would say that the jury is out. I will say that I am finally getting used to his comb-over though. How long is his hair to have it go from mid-skull all the way forward and then combed back? I would guess about 15 inches. If he got his hair cut short he would not have the same public persona.

I leave judgement up to you folks. I am not smart enough to be like a liberal who thinks they have all the answers and will break the windows in your business if you cross them.

Hey, it’s a new year full of promise, right? We’ll see won’t we?


Originally posted 2017-01-04 00:50:31.

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