What IS, If It Thinks

Hey, I’m just the writer, how should i know what this is?

I suppose one could say that this is an opinion blog. One could also say, and, I imagine, often do, the home pages of an idiot. That’s fine also. Whatever others think, this is a place I pay for so I pretty much can write what I want here.

That snide comment writ, I will say that your opinions matter to me and, also, that I am not attempting to denigrate anyone except liberals. What is a liberal in my parlance? A liberal is one who wants to lower every historical standard that created this country by way of politics or rewriting history to fit a political motivation. If you don’t fit that last short sentence then you’re off the hook.

First off, I am a Democrat. I am registered as one but I don’t practice being one. The Democratic party moved to the slums 4 decades ago and I did not follow it. When I say “the slums” I am being really, really nice. I was going to say “the shitter” but that doesn’t fit my parlance such as my parlances goes.

But politics is seasonal and there are a lot more important roads to how. I am a Christian so liberal fools don’t like me. I love this country and fought an unpopular war for this country so I am definitely jaded. I put up with crap no one wshould have to put up with who has worn the uniform of the armed forces of this great nation. That includes being spit on in an airport while coming home on liberty after my first combat tour of Vietnam.

I am 68 years old and I have seen more than any liberal in this country. I have talked to people around the world and still have a friend in Spain whom I speak to at regular intervals. He knows what a shaky country is. Spain is in terrible shape from Franco and the last socialist government they had. This is what I mean when I say the shitter in as relates to liberals.

What I am doing here is writing for myself and for those who want some humor and some irony and some entertainment…FREE. Were I charging for this I would probably have Nancy Pelosi spending our taxpayer dollars to get me off the air. Screw her, She is lower than a rats scrotum to me.

Anyway, you clicked to see what this is about so now you know.

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