Your Valuable Time

I want to shout out a HUGE Thank You to all who have visited If It Thinks. You are a fairly small (by internet standards) but extremely discerning group of people. (Even if I do say so myself) A guy as old as me has no right to hope to communicate on this medium to any more than a dozen persons per year. There are hundreds of you visiting. The average stay on the website is around 4 minutes. Some stay quite a bit longer, picking through the archives. Now, those are really extremely discerning people!

In the archives are posts which go backward on a per month basis. In some of these, I have been quite silly and others have been very pointed. There is an almost archaeological progression of timeless diatribes which many of you have missed. Before you count yourselves “lucky” to have missed them you should go back and pick over a small portion of them. All the posts here are posted under categories so that may help you pick among them. Consider it like going to a junk yard to find a car part and finding a ’64 Volkswagon bug that, though dented, starts right up. I really have a way with words, eh?

Still and all, thank you for dropping in. I know that your time is more valuable than mine so it goes without saying that I appreciate your stopping by my little website. I would be highly pleased and grateful if you would go here and register to join. It is called “If YOU Think” and is set up to be both social, much like Facebook, and a place for you to write. Call it your own piece of website where you can say what you please. Once you are a member I will contact you on the site and help you get started. I am really a nice guy. If I had a friend you could ask them.

Originally posted 2017-07-31 19:45:31.

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